You are not alone if you have a love-hate connection with your personal style.

The truth is that there will never be an exact definition of your style, and your preferences are likely to alter frequently throughout your life.

You’ve probably realized that you enjoy and identify with a variety of genres, which is a wonderful thing… However, it might also make you ponder what your true fashion identity is.

Don’t be concerned; simply take one step at a time. We’re here to offer some advice on how to define your personal hanfu jacket style.

It’s critical that you sit down and think about which fashion figures or celebrities — past or present – you actually appreciate while on your fashion journey.

Is there a well-known figure who has consistently delivered unforgettable looks? Have you ever bookmarked or favorited a celebrity’s street style? Identifying these styles is the first and most important step.

If you’re having difficulties figuring out who your style icon is, have a look at Pinterest or Instagram and see what you can find.

Expert Advice:

Make a Pinterest board or an Instagram saved folder dedicated to your adventure.

Check out our collection of classic fashion idols that every girl should be familiar with, as well as our list of celebrity style icons for young ladies.

Find Style Patterns

When you’re looking for style inspiration, there’s a good possibility you’ll notice patterns in the photos.

This might be as simple as the subject of the costumes, the colors worn, or even standout pieces that stick out from the rest of the ensembles.

You might fall in love with colorful statement jewelry or flowing summer skirts. Finding these little patterns may take some time, but it is well worth the effort.

It will help you narrow down the crucial components to look for the next time you go shopping in the long term.

Expert Advice:

Print some photos and create a journal just for the purpose of tracking down those crucial patterns.

So you don’t forget and have a reference sheet, jot down your thoughts and discoveries straight away.

Choose Your Colors

This suggestion can remind you of 1970s women asking each other, “I’m an autumn, what are you?” However, I’ve found that all truly stylish women have a personal color scheme.

To figure out your colors, consider your hair, complexion, and eye color, as well as the colors you think look best on you. Determining your “season” can open up a whole new world of color for you!

The goal is to utilize these colors as a guide while shopping so you can pick out the items that will look best on you.

Organize Your Closet

This may seem drastic, but what’s the point of having items in your closet that don’t make you feel good?

Remove any unwanted items and donate or toss them. Fill your closet with objects that speak to you using that space.

It’s critical to try everything on before putting it back in your closet during this process. If it doesn’t seem right anymore and you can’t envision yourself wearing it again, it’s probably better to let it go.

This is an important stage that should not be overlooked. It’s an important component of figuring out your personal style. The old has to go, and the new has to come in.

Expert Advice:

To learn the most effective ways to de-clutter and organize your new wardrobe, check out our closet organization tips post.

Experiment on a Shoestring

Now that you’ve decluttered your closet, you’re left with more room and a want to fill it with new, exciting goods.

You may be tempted to dash out the door with your Pinterest boards in hand and start spending, but keep in mind that we’re trendy queens… on a college budget.

Even if you are willing to spend a lot of money on new pieces, starting small may be a good option.

Get some fashionable pieces at a discount store and splurge on any staple pieces you know you’ll adore.

Expert Advice:

When you’re getting started on your clothing, make a budget for yourself.

Make a list of your must-have items that you know you won’t mind spending a little more money on; just make sure you do your homework first to ensure they’re worth it!

The Favorite Photographs

Do you look amazing in your #OOTD? Don’t be afraid to snap a quick photo of yourself. This will assist you in discovering your unique, genuine style.

Even if you’re heading out alone, take a short selfie in front of the mirror so you can recreate similar looks in the future.

Now you have a nice image to look at on those sluggish mornings when you can’t decide what to wear.

Expert Advice:

Use the timer on your phone to take a picture of your badass costume while you’re out and about.

If you know you’ll want your photo taken, practice posing before you leave the house. You’ll be able to acquire your perfect shot much faster this way, and the whole thing will appear lot more professional.

Make a list of the items that define your personal style.

Do you have a favorite skirt or dress in your closet?

Your likes are the foundation of your personal style.

Consider what you like best about the piece and why. Is it true to your persona? Does it make you feel sociable, enjoyable, and at ease?

Whatever it is, pick out the elements that you enjoy and look for more works that have similar tones and feelings.

Always stay true to yourself.

When striving to develop your own personal style, the most important thing to remember is to stay loyal to yourself. It’s never a good idea to try to emulate someone else’s style.

Trust your gut and put on the clothes that make you feel most like yourself.

It’s vital to wear what makes you happy, even if it’s not “in” that season or “out” of style years ago.

You’ll probably feel a lot more confident in your attire, and a positive mindset will make any look pop.

Expert Advice:

Take some time for yourself if you haven’t already.

Consider the things that are most important to you and how you want to be represented in the world. Everything else will fall into place after that!