The best educational toys for returning to school

It’s time to go back to school. One surefire way to make your child excel in their early years of learning and development is to give them great educational toys. Learning through play is fun for kids, and educational toys make learning more exciting. This makes it even more appealing to children who might not be able to travel or have the time. Educational toys are a great way to provide your child with something that makes learning more enjoyable and appealing. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular educational toys available at Best Buy, and then consider some fun ways to get your child interested in learning.

Preschool-aged children will love educational toys

You may not think too much about back to school if your child is still a toddler or preschooler. However, this doesn’t mean that your child shouldn’t be able to start learning as soon as possible. Learning is not something that takes place in school. There are many educational toys available for preschoolers. Almost every toy that is available for children in the first five years of their life is educational in some way.

The Roybi Smart Educational Robot is a great example. It teaches children ages 3-7 how to have fun and learn through songs, games and activities. This adorable little robot will entertain and educate them. It is available at Best Buy. You can also read my review of it from a few months back.

The Intelino Smart Train Starter Set is another educational toy that kids can enjoy (from 3-9 years old). This set was actually reviewed and tested by me, so I can both vouch for its educational value and its fun factor for anyone of my age. If you are interested in more information about this smart little train, click the link above.

What I can tell is that it is a toy that combines the worlds model train sets with smart toy tech. It also comes with an Android or iOS smart phone app that allows kids to control almost everything. This includes its movement (forward, reverse, and at various speeds). It also features a variety of sound effects, including typical train sounds and many more.

The Intelino Smart Train has lights that change colour and enough track pieces to make more than 10 track configurations. There is also a feature within the app that allows children to learn computer programming by creating routines for their train. This is one of the most innovative tech toys available right now. It’s also educational and fun!

Educational toys for elementary school-aged children

As children get older, they are ready to take on more difficult tasks. LEGO is a great option for this. LEGO is the perfect thing to challenge and inspire kids. It’s fun, complex, and allows for lots of creativity.

You can find LEGO sets in a variety of themes, even though I’m showing the LEGO Super Mario set. LEGO sets can be used to build robots, replicas of real-life locations and vehicles (such as the Eiffel Tower), Star Wars vehicles, locations, and Harry Potter characters. LEGO offers so many options that kids can create complex creations in any of the subjects they are most interested.

LEGO has a variety of sizes. This means that you can choose from more pieces and larger sets. It might be a good idea to start young children off slowly, with simpler and more challenging sets. If they find they enjoy building toys, they can always move up to more difficult projects later.

Educational toys for secondary school students & beyond

As children get older, as in teens and young adults, they start to lose interest in toys. They still enjoy educational fun, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in having fun. This is why I included something on the list that cannot be considered a toy but which is still educational and fun. That’s right, it’s a telescope–specifically the Explore Scientific ExploreOne Aurora II 114 x 1100mm Reflector Telescope, which is a powerful model that uses a mirror to collect its light.

The telescope has a powerful aperture of 114mm, a focal length of 1100mm, and both 26mm Plossl and 9.7mm Plossl eyepieces. This makes it ideal for viewing much of the solar system, from the Moon’s many moon craters to our many planet neighbours. These are only a few of the telescope’s many features. Other features include a tripod and mount that can be adjusted, a red-dot finder with 5×24 resolution to help locate objects in the sky and a special downloadable astronomy program to help them discover all the astronomical objects.

This telescope will allow older children and adults to see the celestial bodies Saturn and Jupiter with ease. Not only will they be able see Jupiter clearly, but they will also be able count and count its moons. It’s very educational indeed.

This might be the right thing for your child if they have a strong interest and are old enough to appreciate the technical aspects of scientific pursuits. Find out more educational toys at ToyHQ