How I Found The Best Vacuum Cleaner

My last vacuum cleaner died a slow death, but soon it was time to start the hunt for a new one. I didn’t want to spend more than $200, as price was no guarantee it would last more than four years. But I didn’t want to buy a cheap model either, that would just end up breaking after a few months. I checked the reviews online, perused the online shops, and even headed to stores to check out the display models. Eventually, I found the best vacuum cleaner.

I chose the Shark Vacuum Cleaner HV302 Rocket Ultralight Upright because i wanted the best vacuum cleaner.

Since my place is small, and I only have hardwood floors, I felt it would be perfect for my space. I also don’t have a lot of storage space, so felt that the ability to fold it up and actually hang it on a hook in the closet to be an attractive purchase. The Shark Rocket is also lightweight, which was a bonus, as I work on the computer all day, and might be getting carpal tunnel syndrome. A vacuum cleaner that was both upright and lightweight made it easier for me to vacuum all six rooms of my home. If there was a day that I didn’t feel like putting it into the closet, it didn’t matter, as it has a black and orange casing that looks good.

The Rocket still has a power head base, with a long plastic tube that leads up to the “Rocket” part of it. This top of the vacuum cleaner is where the motor is located, as well as a debris canister. Shark spent time on their Rocket design. Since the aim was to create a fully functioning Shark vacuum cleaner, but one that was lightweight, they trimmed away the excess plastic in its design. This vacuum is priced at around $200, making it an affordable purchase. Unless you have a lot of carpets or pets in your home, it should be perfect for most renters or homeowners. If it’s not suitable, the Shark Navigator may be the next best solution.

This Rocket has a lot of versatility for cleaning solutions around the home as i expected from the best vacuum cleaner.

The hose can be detached, which can be used to clean the nooks and crannies of a home. I found it useful to lift up into the air and clean the spiderwebs from the ceiling. It was also great for cleaning my keyboard and my book shelf. I was worried that it wouldn’t be able to tackle my area rugs, but it still did a great job with its powerhead. A microfiber cloth is attached to the bottom for the floor brush, which aids in the collection of fine dirt and dust. This can be tossed in the washing machine so you can do your part in reusing. I found the debris canister to be easily detachable. I was able to empty the contents into the garbage, and then wash it out under running water, then dry it with a cloth. Reattaching was easy.

This Shark vacuum cleaner also has swivel steering, so I was able to twist it around corners and under furniture quite easily. Another great thing about this vacuum cleaner is that I only needed one vacuum to do all cleaning jobs, and not a small handheld vacuum either, as the Rocket could also be used as a handheld vacuum. I didn’t have to run a mop over the floor afterwards to get missed patches, as it did a really good job of collecting all dust and dirt in one sweep. I was so happy to find that the Shark Rocket Upright was the best vacuum cleaner for cleaning my home.

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