My Husband’s Best Electric Shaver the Braun Series 7

Finding a gift for a man can be difficult. It’s not like you can buy endless amounts of clothing, jewelry, or cosmetics—a wife must find a gift that he’ll find useful and not toss in the drawer. Since we already had a computer full of music and movies, I decided to purchase him a personal care product for our anniversary instead.

He was always complaining about his old electric shaver but any time I suggested he buy a new one he’d always say he didn’t want to waste money. I think his old shaver is truly dying. It falters and occasionally he swears when it tugs on a whisker. Yet he won’t toss it out!

I finally thought up the best solution. I’d purchase him the best electric shaver as a gift. I’d heard about shavers where you place them into a unit and they are cleaned, conditioned and charged up at the same time. I searched through online listings and checked the reviews.

The shaver needed to be around $150 for the kit. Eventually I found one with great reviews: The Braun Series 7 with Clean and Charge Station.

I figured my husband would love all the features of the Braun Series 7, so looked forward to the package arriving in time for our anniversary date.
I ordered it, and it arrived promptly in the mail.

The Braun Series 7 790cc-4 comes in a light grey case, with a black charging station. Both has some blue highlights. The shaver is cordless and rechargeable, making it perfect for my husband to take on short business trips.

It has a unique feature where it can detect the thickness of hair. If it reaches a particularly difficult spot, it will increase its power to effectively trim the hair from these regions. This is called intelligent sonic technology. It can use up to 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute, if needed.

The head of the shaver has an ActiveLift trimmer which can also snip off hair that lays flat against the skin. This can be effective in the chin and neck regions. The 2X Opti-Foil will trim hair as short as 0.5 mm which results in a smooth clean shave, and it will do so every time a man shaves.

The head of the trimmer also contains a Synergized foil and blades to give the best shave possible.

Since the Braun series 7 shaver works in the cleaning unit, it also means that my husband can use it with running water in the sink, or in the shower or bathtub. It’s 100% waterproof, and it can also be easily rinsed under the tap in-between the need for charging.

To use the charging station, the shaver is placed head down into the unit. It is then cleaned, conditioned and charged up.

Braun has the claim that this shaver will more effectively shave in one stroke than what other brands have to do in two or more. This means that it will shave off more hairs in one stroke, decreasing the morning preparation time. I thought my husband would appreciate this, as he hates to waste time in the morning.

When my husband opened up the box on our anniversary date, he was thrilled! He said he could finally throw out his old shaver. Not only does he now use it every day, but he loves it too. Best of all, both the Braun Series 7 shaver and the unit cost $160, well within my budget. I’m going to see if Braun has something similar for women now.

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